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thanks CHRIS.MACRAE@YAHOO.CO.UK :: including ai research damo
other community rising maps of world trade - poorest billion women at :: climate world trade :: world citizen collab events :: alumni who's who of 2020s youth as first sustainability generation

dev2.0 people doing great trade happier than those chained to charity - SO 1 new mdb banks? 2 how freedoms to trade value planes & boats & trains?
1planes are for luxury goods- eg gourmet foods.............2boats/superports grew places over last 50years.............3trains are interesting- they can be 10 time faster than boats or as slow but celebrating trade at every border they pass through- trains also...
help turn global2.0 (world class & locally sustaining not just big gets bigger & destroys youth livelihoods as sustainability netgen) leadership summits: - belt-road 11 regional curriculum in one worldwide trading compass;
g20 :: aiib :: gateway ( - into youth's jobs creating student curricula and map enterprise zones where youth and sustainability goals flourish
.eg GreenBigBang : calling one sixth of worldcitizen - if you can help governors build 2500 greenest half-million peopled places on planet join up @ alumni summits as arrowed or Q&A if you know a half-million peopled supergreen place
help wanted- contribute to diaries and youth journalism of world record jobs fieldbook of global2.0 summits youth are invited to turn into jobs creating curricula matching goals of sustainability generations-which will be the top 20 www summit formats and how can media be designed so that the peoples diaries interact productively and feature 11 regions : 0 China, 1 Rest Far Pacific (E&S) Japan main sponsorAlibaba hosts Olympics 2020, 2 India (host aiib 2018 and g20 2019) & Bangla, 3 Russia, 4 East Europe, 5 West Europe (host of G20 2017), 6 N America (host of gateway17) & Stans (host SCO 2017) and middle east (host of greatest open education summits), 8 Med Sea (most urgent refugee conffict space) 9 Africa, 10 S America where Argentina hosts G20 and fatherland of moral cultures leadership Pope Francis and Preferential Option Poor Franciscan civilisations.
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whats going on at germany g20 summit

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ron Garan
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cc mit, germany microsolar, nasa, danone ecosystems, smba hec, china student teachers gateway

in 3 weeks I travel to tokyo where my father started eastern hemisphere entrepreneur youth debates in 1962 which continued as his life's work on net generation's jobs at The Economist and his last articles published with Muhammad Yunus; in japan the emperor rated father as number 1 international pro-youth economics journalist as signified by award of rising sun with gold bars

main question to you is what top 5 or 10 green networks knowhow in addition to yours and yunus do you feel would be most valuable to linkin to 20000 youth atlanta nov 2015? (given that main hosts yunus, ted turner family and jimmy carter are burning hot about clean energy's value chain)

second question- given major schneider research facility is in tennessee (the home state of al gore and inconvenient truth) is there any knowhow flow between atlanta and tennessee we need to be stimulating?

my main connection in tokyo is now responsible for funneling 60 years of toyota's worldwide development reearch ; in addition he is the gateway to youth solutions to the tsunami-nuclear region where Gunter Pauli of hundred million jobs of blue=green economy is advising; thirdly he is connecting every world youth summit he can search out- these include deep connections in cape town

thanks chris macrae washington dc 301 881 1655 skype chrismacraedc

ps in my have a dream world - a prototype premier league of youth energy open education networks would be agreed by all here mailed in such a form that i could drop it on the desk of the ceo of brookings whose current main question is will china get clean energy in time to sustain worldwide youth? 
I have no practical expertise/investment in energy so I have no conflicting agency/fund issues other than wishing to help youth explore this in every exponentially rising value multiplying way NOW 

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