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Thursday, February 13, 2014

February Financial Flotsam

Big Banking Traps Majority of Us Peoples in Value Chains - This recent compilation of links is worth clicking through- what others books would you review in unison

John Authers reviews Money Mania: Booms, Panics and Busts from Ancient Greece to the Great Meltdown by Bob Swarup.

Isaac Chotiner interviewsMichael Lewis, author of Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt: “I feel such despair at how the government responded to the financial crisis”. Is a banking ban the answer? Paul Krugman wonders.

A Multidisciplinary Review. Malcolm S. Salter (HBS):Annals of Crony Capitalism:
?/10 Revisiting the AIG Bailout. 

5/10  This controversial bailout is to be understood as result of impromptu and highly improvised risk management by government officials who had no clear regulatory authority over failing investment banks and insurance companies — like Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, and AIG — and who were conditioned by their professional training and current responsibilities to focus on the worst-case scenarios following the collapse of large financial institutions holding fast-depreciating real estate assets. Operating under severe time constraints and existential anxiety, mistakes and missteps were made by the New York Fed in its unfamiliar role as the chief restructuring officer of AIG.

 Minimizing a “Key Cause” of the 2008 Financial Crisis: Governance Failure. L. Randall Wray (Missouri): ?/10 Impossible to tell from extract whether this is worth reading- yes of course a problem of our times ins we dont have any professional capabilities for auditing networks whise dynamics are wholly different from eparability assumptions old professions still use to rule over things

Tom Streithorst on a brief glossary of financial cataclysm. Financialization depends on astandardized product — what happens when it’s applied to people? 
10/10 while some of this is basic- note the 21st c citizzen can expect his bank to fleece him if he doesnt understand (at level of taking action) just one of these ideas

The toughest cop on Wall Street you've never heard of: David Dayen on how Benjamin Lawsky's making big banks pay

How mega-banks destroyed America: Josh Eidelson interviews former Goldman Sachs managing director Nomi Prins, author of All the Presidents’ Bankers: The Hidden Alliances That Drive American Power
6/10 not an interview that offers full solutions but clarifies how much of the mess interpersonal relationship mess of corridors of big banking  is no better than 2008

Simon Johnson on the end of our financial illusions. Andre Douglas Pond Cummings reviews Lawless Capitalism: The Subprime Crisis and the Case for an Economic Rule of Law by Steven Ramirez. If our food system was regulated the same way our financial system is we would have food poisoning all the time. 

Robert W. McGee (Fayetteville State): Bailouts, Opportunity Cost and Utilitarian Ethics:

hall of shame
0/10 for failing to address loss transparency of bank leaders John C. Coates and Suraj Srinivasan (Harvard): SOX after Ten Years

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