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Monday, March 31, 2014

March Energy Madness


I do thank you. Friends and I are searching for say the top 10 green ideas that youth can most massively and productively replicate but I have no practice expertise other than (30 years of amateur journalism and statistical methods for) searching out who may be who

I understand pretty well how the investment and diffusion models worked in bangladesh installing over 1 million solar units invested in by poorest off grid communities with particular thanks to nancy wimmer author of Green Energy for a Billion Poor: How Grameen Shakti Created a Winning Model for Social Business  complimented by the alternative views of paul polak that Jost recently convened at MIT D-lab with sponsorship from Lateef and their relationships across Toyota. I also understand that Yunus started his knowledge quest for solar with Neville Williams who championed solar back in days of carter's presidency

2 I am travelling to tokyo at end of may and will be chatting to the other Toyota-evolved foundation that is leading green solutions to the nuclear/tsunami disaster region and is bringing in eg gunter pauli's knowhow to help

3 Both Naila , Mostofa and I know the sainsbury foundation directors who run the green prize network of whose judges include prince charles and bbc nature correspondents. Their next annual awards coincides which naila will join in celebrating coincides with my tokyo trip

4 Naila  (the first female director of gramen phone back in 1966) is also in the middle of mobile telecoms empowerment womens networks and of course one of those apps is now microenergy

5 Taddy out of south africa searches out the most marvellous nearly free job creating curricula - and has various passion partners - in the case of green , one of these would be Branson

6 Sunita is the daugher of the founder of the world's largest school at Lucknow, and its world citizen sustainability goals have matched eg past president and chief scientist Kalam who famously demand that Indian millennials tear up all unsustainable curricula by 2020.  There are growing relationships between Lucknow, Bangladesh, South Africa and all of us thanks lrgesly to Mostofa continuous efforts

7 Bernardo has developed the spanish spaking world's most used social business curriculum adopting pedagogic structures he learnt from mit and university of maryland. His native chile has some of the most active networkers of change plastic value chains. Back around 2000before Lula came to power I used to be associated with their embassy's campaign to host the most massive green conferences at the world's largest dam. Mostofa remains reasonable well connected with the British consuls youth climate superstar networkers

8 alizee advises me what students and future educators think from china- and both anna's university in san diego and melissa's in maryland have huge programs connecting us students- china and other asian economies. The head of Brookings has fantastic connectiosn with green who's who across china but I havent succeeded yet in getting Brookings and Atlanta to find their first twin interest in youth

9 Similarly friends and I havent yet found the best way to linkiin -the loss of Ray Anderson as the only fortune 1000 ceo I wholly believed in green value chain transformation is huge but its just as well interface is atlanta-based

10 similarly at a regional level we havent yet worked out a plan connecting tenessee's movements for green which naturally include al gore and may fortunately include the main us research lab of yunus main corporate partner in green "schneider;" i am also waiting to see if such as khan academy starts hosting peer to peer green competitions the way he has already done in health; there's also the open question as to whether part 2 of the world bank mooc on climate crisis could get down to the level of celebrating solutions youth and communities could be massively replicating

we are trying to find a way to sustain a collaboration cluster by november 2015 when at least 4000 youth live and perhaps millions virtually will be looking in and what 's ready for replication as well as pitching their own solutions-there's a self-selection process to this in all possible stakeholders - the youth, the mentors, the educators, the investors ... the change economists and social movement connectors - at last 15 nobel laureates will be joining in - of which the carter and yunus family are extreme green advocates and ted turners family will be providing mediation support

if there are some sub-programs of presidio that would fit with joining in please say- or question us- equally I expect other people have better questions or contextual remarks than these starters of mine

The san-francisco region is a must partner if atlanta is to start a realy across twin youth future capitals - anna and jean-claude are early searchers of who in san francisco might want to join in but there's a lot more searching that needs to be done so that youth can connect east coast and west coast in the degree of system change that is needed if we are to help the millennial generation escape carbon chains in time

many thanks
chris macrae washington dc 301 881 1655  skype chrismacraedc
volunteer for twinning massive youth jobs summits

According to my father's first 10 years of research on the net generation's entrepreneurial revolution which also took The Economist to the state of being a global viewspaper- the net generations optimal jobs prospects needed green economics to become unstoppably popular in the 1990s and photosynthesis research needed to replace the government obessession with nuclear. So we are way behind the curve and as they say in the east, public leaders cant change until the peoples do.

Food security youth projects merit a parallel top 10 according to way youth have voted in 5 state-wide competitions of which Fiona's in New Hampshire is most easily accessible- this also trialled virtual youth entrepreneur competitions showing that this mode can be key to linkingin worldwide judges, mentors and social business investors

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