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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Around The World of Global Social Value of Health and Preferential Option Poor

Open letter to friends of catholic university millennials

I wanted to update you on what I can see and would like to help do

Co-creating some kind of town wide student and leadership "real space" for exploring  (Preferential Option Poor) cultural connections of faith and net generation world's most valued professions in ending poverty remains by number 1 deadline before and after september 23 and 24 (Pope Francis visits to Obama and Congress). As well as real space Naila particularly has made progress with the yazmi satellite with its potential pan-africa and pan-asia reach. Further if student union clubs of Preferential Option Poor replaced microcredit clubs as Ultra Poorest and womens empowerment main channel into student life across USA that would be no bad thing for millennials sustainability goals because Big Banks can hardly take over POP.

Research of what ways to help paul farmer and jim kim (whose 30+ years of world class health service for poorest started in haiti and peru continues). The head of Haiti's new teaching hospital (rebuilt round farmer partners after the earthquake demolished the old one ) is speaking in DC 
Thursday, April 16, 2015, from 6 to 8 pm at Busboys and Poets.

This gathering is an opportunity to learn more about the work you make possible, ask questions, and engage with other supporters of PIH. 

The reception will begin at 6 p.m., and drinks and appetizers will be served. Dr. Michelle Morse, PIH's deputy chief medical officer for Haiti, will give an update on PIH's ongoing efforts to strengthen Haiti's health system and share other stories from her work in Haiti.

Busboys and Poets-14th and V, is located at 2021 14th Street NW, Washington, DC. 

I dont know if that would be an opportunity to involve someone from the nursing faculty who you mentioned as one of the practice groups at CUA most likely to be interested in POP. Also Naila stages her annual 3000 person free healthcheck day in May so could be another reason for connecting before then. Further Tokyo University (and Toyota's development foundation) have asked Naila to keep an eye on their cohort of medical students who visit the East Coast on exchange in second half of the years- something that fits with trying to develop best for women empowerment relationships with health institutes across east coast. Naila is just back from 2 week of UN events which went very well and go to the next stage of activity at the same time as Pope Francis visit

I am hoping that Taddy Blecher's summer visit to USA will spare some days in DC. He's the epicentre of the Mandela Extranet empowering million poorest 7th graders and their teachers to be job creators- it would really help me to understand a best reference criss-crossing eg Preferential Option Poor, Mandela, Gandhi. Maharishi -it seems to be to do with finding oneself in hope , optimism, love of community even in the most testing of work experiences or upbringings if I understand this paul farmer video correctly Dr. Paul Farmer on Hope. And of course if a whole organisation networks in this spirit its potential to serve can be gamechanging through every community it linkin

By september Jim Kim will be 3 years in to his 5 year term at World Bank so POP really needs to get on an exponential curve if this town is ever going to be dominated by other than globalisation's least unsustainable top-down lobbies, and non-hopeful parties

Rachel Ruto has become the first leader to test how her livelihood and entrepreneurial training of a  million of kenya's poorest women can be accelerated by the african-asian elearning satellite Yazmi led out of Silver Spring by Ethiopian Noah Samara. Last night it was announced that Obama's annual entrepreneur summit will land in Kenya in July. So all of this is positive. When I met Ruto she started off urgent searches on water- an area I was last actively researching when The Catholic Church in the Americas celebrated a Year of Water as a human right with Brazil a particular focal point. Our friend Michael Palin produced his BBC series on Brazil ahead of time with the hope that the Olympics will yet be an environmental celebration too - something Rome 2024 Olympics committee wants to put next 9 years into culturally celebrating with youth

Unfortunately there have been delays in getting connected across the Americas -so while the youth entrepreneur summit meeting heads of state takes place next week in panama I can't find anything to directly contribute to that this time round. 

If there is anything I could be doing or connecting, please say


chris macrae
bethesda 240 316 8157

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