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Friday, December 6, 2013

Train Stories

Compared with planes and boats, only trains connect trade all along their route - this was the way great trade routes of the past (silk road) mapped across the belt of aisia to europe- they connected civilisations and friendships acroo borders

when neighbouring lands are dependent on eg a train, it makes sense to celebrate connections at boirders:
this is one of the key lessons of chinese global2.0 summits (especilaly belt road forum) what chia aims to doi everywhere it helps conects rail

example - recently china and spain became reconnecetd by rail not with a huge monetary investment but by working out at every bodere (where rail gauges differed_) how to shifty containers from one train yo another

conversely when new rail is built it can be expensive but up to 10 times faster
also if you are bulding rail why not build other pipes at same time - eg cleaner energy pipes;

china is helping build a gas ;pipe with myanmar and installing schoosl along the way - the marginal costs for an engineering of a ;pipeline to build schools being small

above all if you are in the middle of huge landlocked region as much of the continent of eurasia is - trains are the only mass way to shift cargo- not to have access to rail is not to have access to trade - so mapping where 21st C rails go could be one of the greatest investments in ending ;poverty and stopping conflct that peoples everywhere could be uniting round

the biannual belt forum was inaugurated in beijing may 2017 with 30 nations and the big 3 multilaterals world bank un imf- we would love to help any region turn "Belt=Road" maps into a new education curriculum - half way between geography and economics why should every child be free to question where trade connections are being linked in