please note many links currently (June 2023) not operational its been a crazy 8 years - 2015 sees 200 nations commit to 17 sdgs: everyone is actually destructing as of june 2023:official un briefings will take place college year 23-24 beginning with general assembly ny sept 2023 , climaxing with global futures general assemble sept 2024; we try and document why is humanity drowning in chaos (mathematically and humanly at many associate pro-youth webs including our 73rd year of diary of AI (Architect of Intelligence) started with the NET (Neumann Einstein Turing) princeton (ITUNYPrince year of briefing 1951 which birthed AI as humans greatest journey around mother earth: Geneva-Ny-Princeton being the golden triangle of tech futures in that year, and the roots of every digital multiplier Vin Neumann presnted as the jourmalist scoop: what good will hunns unite wherever they have access to 100+ times more tech every decade?; young people i met at first 12 months aftre launch of the sdgs sept 2015 kindly escorted me round "Z" at 25 square miles the world's largest pro-youth entrepreneurial suburb linking tsingua, peking and beijing normal universities including the hangzhou connectors of the 2015 G20. i thank you all ED ::ESports ,,,if you are a student of Ezra Vogel or my father Norman whose centenary year 2023 is, i would like to see chinese and western and pan-asian youth friendships blossom again - its beyond my paygrade to have ideas on how but always ready to listen -thanks also please join us at and linkedin Belt Road Education Forum
thanks CHRIS.MACRAE@YAHOO.CO.UK :: including ai research damo
other community rising maps of world trade - poorest billion women at :: climate world trade :: world citizen collab events :: alumni who's who of 2020s youth as first sustainability generation

dev2.0 people doing great trade happier than those chained to charity - SO 1 new mdb banks? 2 how freedoms to trade value planes & boats & trains?
1planes are for luxury goods- eg gourmet foods.............2boats/superports grew places over last 50years.............3trains are interesting- they can be 10 time faster than boats or as slow but celebrating trade at every border they pass through- trains also...
help turn global2.0 (world class & locally sustaining not just big gets bigger & destroys youth livelihoods as sustainability netgen) leadership summits: - belt-road 11 regional curriculum in one worldwide trading compass;
g20 :: aiib :: gateway ( - into youth's jobs creating student curricula and map enterprise zones where youth and sustainability goals flourish
.eg GreenBigBang : calling one sixth of worldcitizen - if you can help governors build 2500 greenest half-million peopled places on planet join up @ alumni summits as arrowed or Q&A if you know a half-million peopled supergreen place
help wanted- contribute to diaries and youth journalism of world record jobs fieldbook of global2.0 summits youth are invited to turn into jobs creating curricula matching goals of sustainability generations-which will be the top 20 www summit formats and how can media be designed so that the peoples diaries interact productively and feature 11 regions : 0 China, 1 Rest Far Pacific (E&S) Japan main sponsorAlibaba hosts Olympics 2020, 2 India (host aiib 2018 and g20 2019) & Bangla, 3 Russia, 4 East Europe, 5 West Europe (host of G20 2017), 6 N America (host of gateway17) & Stans (host SCO 2017) and middle east (host of greatest open education summits), 8 Med Sea (most urgent refugee conffict space) 9 Africa, 10 S America where Argentina hosts G20 and fatherland of moral cultures leadership Pope Francis and Preferential Option Poor Franciscan civilisations.
apocalypse american infrastructure

whats going on at germany g20 summit

Sunday, April 27, 2014


For our kind of citizen its March Energy Madness every day of the rest of this planet!

Here are some of the most exciting bottom up examinations of energy we have come across, please tell us others:

Yunus /MIT-dlab/Germany's Nancy Wimmer

Green Energy for a Billion Poor: How Grameen Shakti Created a Winning Model for Social Business by Nancy Wimmer (Feb 7, 2012)

This can be compared with example presented by German micro-energy network Mobisol at the world bank live spring summit 2014 

..AJ Kalam, India's chief scientist and former president asked students to tear up non-sustainable curricula by 2020. Discuss some of these oppsoite way round values of renewable energy:
clean prevents crisis of climate, poisoning food chains, need for ever more of planet to be used as dump sites of eg plastic..
local security- prevents a nation's (or sub-nation) people being taken hostage by another's nation's ownership of carbon or nuclear energy
in case of solar proves to be scalable one at a time (unlike massive grid infrastructures )
Trust Crisis of Public servants and professions- since world war 2 abetted by huge spends on tv advertising, the value chain of public servants has turned against 99% of the people in several ways which the system appears unable to free itself from. eg where governments have raced to spend money on the combination of nuclear arms and energy. It is arguable that if the world's politicians had directed a tenth of money spent on nuclear reearch to photosynthesis we'd be enjoying a wholly different planet. Always remember that nature's evolutionary designs are primarily bottom-up and open- where man designs too big systems around top-down and closed (highly boundarised)  rules. #2030now asks those who come of age in their 21st century to integrate humanity's greatest ever collaboration goals with the defining advantages of post-industrial entrepreneurial revolution :
*humanly being more connected than separated
*digital code being replicable anywhere with cost of distance
*ways knowhow can multiply value in use opposite to consuming up things

Clean energy collaboration entrepreneurs can be linked with nearly 15 years of annual prizes awarded for microenenergy out of London by the Sainsbury Foundation, Prince Charles, BBC Nature Correspondenst, Royal Geographic Society and others of the network

This can be linked to the passion for open education on sustainable energy led by the Turner Family out of Atlanta and seconded by Jimmy Carter Family whose presidency was the first to advance solar photovoltaic cells through the pioneering work of Neville Williams - see eg 

Recommended visits if you have time in the southern states:
Atlanta's late great carpet manufacturer Ray Anderson proved that if you were prepared to spend half a generation redesigning supply chains even carpet manufacturing could profitably aim for zero footprint- when ones suffers so much greenwashing CSR one is left to wonders what sectors couldn't emulate InterfaceSustainability if conscious leadership cared as much as youth of the net generation

Yunus main corporate energy party ( The French company Schneider with its online energy university) has its main us research lab in Tennessee - the state of Al Gore and Inconvenient Truth. The founder of microcreditsummit is tee dyas to be found tutoring climate bottom-up lobbies at

Friends of Atalanta and Yunus are also linking in Japan's most urgent clean energy networks - TOMODACHI US-Japan Youth Exchange to rebuild the north of Japan, hit by massive earthquake and tsunami in 2011, led by the US Government and the US-Japan Council. I have been connected with Iren Hirano, President of the US-Japan Council who has a close relationship with the Consulate-General of Japan in Atlanta (please visit: experts supporting this Japanese Initiative include Gunter Pauli who has mapped 100 million blue green jobs

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

health service

while energy may be one of the top 2 opportunity and risk value chains, in many "developed countries" the costs of healthcare are arguably the greatest ponzi scheme elders have ever chained youth to- how do we liberate the great youth medic entrepreneurs is a question we urgently need to rehearse

here's an extract from a conversation on this
ANYONE know of Qualcomm Xprize?
I ask because it seems to link youth to emedicine (a key love of yunus and of grameen intel) ;  the first in the yunus-edited series of youth's viral impossible postcards (attached) is on free nursing colleges

qualcomm is largest employer in anna's san diego;  also this time last year 30 minute conversation I had with paul farmer at george soros university in budapest blew my mind!

the competition teams look quite cool

one of them was recognised by white house while being 15 year old marylander

Jack Andraka is a Maryland high school student who at age 15 created a novel paper sensor that detects pancreatic, ovarian, and lung cancer in 5 minutes for as little as 3 cents. He conducted his research at Johns Hopkins University and is the winner of the Gordon E. Moore award at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair and the Smithsonian American Ingenuity Award and was Mrs. Obama’s guest at the 2013 State of the Union Address. He has spoken at TED Long Beach, over 11 TEDx events including House of Parliament, is the youngest speaker at the Royal Society of Medicine and has been featured on 60 Minutes, World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer, NPR Marketplace, Popular Science, BBC, and Al Jazeera, as well as, in award winning documentaries including “You Don’t know Jack” by Morgan Spurlock. Jack is currently working with a team of teens (Gen Z) on the Qualcomm Foundation Tricorder X Prize and speaks about open access, STEM education and universal Internet availability. He is also on the national junior wildwater kayaking team, and has won awards at multiple national and international math competitions.

Young Professionals Versus Old Professionals  has become a critical dynamic in analysis every value chain that isnt sustainang youth - so I wonder for which practice areas we can have searched out young professional editorial teams before atlanta- back in 2006 when mostofa and I though that was what yunus wanted youth forums to do - Eva Vertes was willing to help.  Any ideas anyone?