please note many links currently (June 2023) not operational its been a crazy 8 years - 2015 sees 200 nations commit to 17 sdgs: everyone is actually destructing as of june 2023:official un briefings will take place college year 23-24 beginning with general assembly ny sept 2023 , climaxing with global futures general assemble sept 2024; we try and document why is humanity drowning in chaos (mathematically and humanly at many associate pro-youth webs including our 73rd year of diary of AI (Architect of Intelligence) started with the NET (Neumann Einstein Turing) princeton (ITUNYPrince year of briefing 1951 which birthed AI as humans greatest journey around mother earth: Geneva-Ny-Princeton being the golden triangle of tech futures in that year, and the roots of every digital multiplier Vin Neumann presnted as the jourmalist scoop: what good will hunns unite wherever they have access to 100+ times more tech every decade?; young people i met at first 12 months aftre launch of the sdgs sept 2015 kindly escorted me round "Z" at 25 square miles the world's largest pro-youth entrepreneurial suburb linking tsingua, peking and beijing normal universities including the hangzhou connectors of the 2015 G20. i thank you all ED ::ESports ,,,if you are a student of Ezra Vogel or my father Norman whose centenary year 2023 is, i would like to see chinese and western and pan-asian youth friendships blossom again - its beyond my paygrade to have ideas on how but always ready to listen -thanks also please join us at and linkedin Belt Road Education Forum
thanks CHRIS.MACRAE@YAHOO.CO.UK :: including ai research damo
other community rising maps of world trade - poorest billion women at :: climate world trade :: world citizen collab events :: alumni who's who of 2020s youth as first sustainability generation

dev2.0 people doing great trade happier than those chained to charity - SO 1 new mdb banks? 2 how freedoms to trade value planes & boats & trains?
1planes are for luxury goods- eg gourmet foods.............2boats/superports grew places over last 50years.............3trains are interesting- they can be 10 time faster than boats or as slow but celebrating trade at every border they pass through- trains also...
help turn global2.0 (world class & locally sustaining not just big gets bigger & destroys youth livelihoods as sustainability netgen) leadership summits: - belt-road 11 regional curriculum in one worldwide trading compass;
g20 :: aiib :: gateway ( - into youth's jobs creating student curricula and map enterprise zones where youth and sustainability goals flourish
.eg GreenBigBang : calling one sixth of worldcitizen - if you can help governors build 2500 greenest half-million peopled places on planet join up @ alumni summits as arrowed or Q&A if you know a half-million peopled supergreen place
help wanted- contribute to diaries and youth journalism of world record jobs fieldbook of global2.0 summits youth are invited to turn into jobs creating curricula matching goals of sustainability generations-which will be the top 20 www summit formats and how can media be designed so that the peoples diaries interact productively and feature 11 regions : 0 China, 1 Rest Far Pacific (E&S) Japan main sponsorAlibaba hosts Olympics 2020, 2 India (host aiib 2018 and g20 2019) & Bangla, 3 Russia, 4 East Europe, 5 West Europe (host of G20 2017), 6 N America (host of gateway17) & Stans (host SCO 2017) and middle east (host of greatest open education summits), 8 Med Sea (most urgent refugee conffict space) 9 Africa, 10 S America where Argentina hosts G20 and fatherland of moral cultures leadership Pope Francis and Preferential Option Poor Franciscan civilisations.
apocalypse american infrastructure

whats going on at germany g20 summit

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

china g20 relaunch - makes this one of young worlds 10 most exciting summits to turn into edu curriculum

sample what went down at g20 germany

news ahead of germany 2017
if you need more links to any statement below tell me which

1 august is when western students come back for class of 2017-2018- mostofa and i know from 9 previous experiences (5 dominated by muhammad yunus or his green partners or naila!!) that students diaries get filled up within 3 weeks - the biggest even latin culture will have during the remaining year of jinping trump jim kim (probably pope francis unless you expect hos health to be very long) is g20 argentina 2018

2 just as g20 2017 has come back to very big businesses and war-peace arguments people like jack ma and jinping wanted g20 to maximise smes , youth girls solutions -which other summit will if g20 doesnt- therefore to expect that there will be another opportunity for designing global2.0 around deepest poverty alleviation  than this class year is to be far to risky to anything i will ever be able to link

3 camilo (and his wall street funds) are currently highly focused in mexico (they probably have a solution that the leader of green big bang needs to know about) though camilo also has womens glass ceiling fund and other family and friend ties in latin america; the korean summit of aiib aims to revolutionise human futures of investment baking and someone my father commuted with fir year is the main interview of emminent people in banking world and will report back to mumbai aiib may 2018 and argentina july 2018

4 two slogans all jinping partners can be held to are livelihoods are core to human rights; women lift up half the sky- why not start with these value system ideas as they can connect sustainable collaborations and girl empowerment networking across borders

5 maurice is interested in what good can italian youth and all francsican youth do- he is youth ambassador to vatican university for arts and culture summits Premio Internazionale Giuseppe Sciacca - he kindly interrupted his xmas 2015 holiday to spend half a day with amy and dianes artistic networks; i didnt get the chance them for him to meet monica yunus Monica Yunus - The Official Website  i am trying to fix that - one of the main friends of singforhope in ny is shanghai's fosun = they let her have months of a whole floor of their offices in ny that are 2 minutes walk from camilo; i know the opartner in PWC located in shanghai who audits the annual accounts of the AIIB

6 the fact is that all of jim kim, pope francis and sir fazle abed use the same values  model (both to design markets for smallest enterprises and to sustain  long term partners and so  digital platforms of big data small) that came from late 1960s dialogues in latin america

Preferential Option Poor values the best professional of any profession going and living with those trapped in poverty broken systems- this is what jim kim and paul farmer did with heath commuting for 25 years between harvard haiti peru then soros interventions in russian prisons then kigale in rwanda who is hosting jack ma's first mass training in africa in 10 days -when jim kim looked for thre last mile health service models he only found one sir fazle's brac that was a decade advanced in scaling with 10 times less than he and farner accessed

POP addresses 3 question
what can a world class professional live and learn among poor (network grassroots up) with his skills
how can (s)he identify broken systems and bring in other professionals
how can technology be preferentially applied to the poor with each new leap in tech
a fourth question:
how can student exchanges keep global business schools real as far as development economies go

7 MY FOCUS AFTER 40 YEARS WORK ON GLOBAL MEDIA - in my woirld bad media is very likely to destroy humanity

coming from a journalist and maths systems mapping family, I am now only interested in young chinese women knowing these stories, from local experience and supporting those leaders who know want help- sir fazle is perfect in this case as he's been sharing fir 5 years now how he is worried about his succession -and he also has a really big problem- having sustained totally manual methods of girls ending poverty through transition of universal text mobile and built the largest cashless bank with that technology how on earth does bangladesh leapfrog through smart univeraal mobile

8 Main question from gateway17 detroit : are virtual youth to be the fifth of first largest economy in sustainability world?

8.1 jack mas 5000 coders knows how universal smart mobile, big data small and blockchain for poor models will work in every semi-developed market but he hasnt experienced as little infrastructure as bangladesh- moreover jack ma knows the biggest problem of all around world is education systems currently designed to destroy more than half of youth livelihoods especially girls- this si what sir fazle abed hs moist knowhow in the world

9 I do not know which if any of the stories-that-can be  amy has time ir inteersste in- i hope she picks a few and finds other chinese girl studnets to start taking ownership of others

10 there is no way that sustainabiloity goals will work anyhwere without china's mediation by its half billion youth - i am not prepared (have no money or time) to spend time on anything which conflicts with this hypothesis that my family has journalised for over 40 years

therefore if amy and mostofa are seeing sir fazle before she then works near jeffrey sachs in columbia uni it would be greate if all of amy mostifa camilo and maurice can have shared questions they want raised with sir fazle including others if they can

11 during my last 2 vsiits to beijing i met people leading hundreds if nt thousands of italian and chiense students - so it is my aim to get back to bejing late augist to take any news we all have to these networks so they can square the circle on the g20 argentina

12 this should be of interest since published wishes of jinping include consulting pope francis; additioanly we have both green and big banks solutions out of london endorsed by prince charles and the only peer in house of lords at london school of economics and parts of the bbc nature programming - i would welcome knowing what or whom else in the english langiage we can linkin given the dire situtaions of youth traped in a usa led by trump and a uk marooned by brexit

13 also while it may sound quaint neeither jack ma nor amy would exist as worldwide mapmakers/connevtors if they hadnt become passionate about learning english-0this is why it should be a nobrainer to make our first ask to jack ma to be to support designs which make english as a second language 10 times less costly for chiense or other na+tuons students to learn - do that and even if english speaking politicians mess the world english and chinse speaking youth and coders can map ways of connecting sustainability solkutions around the very poorest girls

14 by knowing sir fazle's family you can always cross check whether any of the 17 sustainability goals is really including the most trapped by that goal's crisis
if this was too long maybe amy would like to shorten it to what bits she wants all of you to discuss now time permitting

15 jimkim and jack ma sat next to each other on last septembers un summit in greatest learning generation led by gordon brown- the next day jim kim spoke up at unctad  appointment of ma as their main youth livelihood entrepreneur (something he discusses twice a year as chair of all the biggest chiense businessmen entrepreneur club in beijng located a few hundred yards from the 2 big universities which train public servants)- everything we do as world bank may be wrong until we use ma's big data small analytics and platform connectivity -one talk at aiib was by the hong kong businessmen who tried to help kim by heading IFC for 3 years - impossible to do any deeply useful partnership project is his epitaph of the IFC

Sunday, August 7, 2016

alas poor germany - what are lessons for hosting awful summit like germany versus great one

g20 this year
lot of uncertainty what usa wants to to be- china main astablisers? free gtrade   clmate global 2.0?

multilat trsade issues

climate issues

peace region issues
koreaeg ukraine syria
qatar  -tilerson to travel to kuwait after g20 (

smes-tech left out

jim kim and lagarde also there

What to expect from the G-20 summit in Hamburg
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After world leaders were met by anti-capitalist protestors at the start of the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Colin Bradford explains why this elite group of nations is feeling pressure to reshape the global economy so that it serves the many and not just the few.
xThis preoccupation is shifting the G-20’s focus, and a new narrative on sustainable globalization is being reimagined in the following ways:
  • Inclusive growth is not just about how to adjust macroeconomic policies to generate more jobs, but how to achieve structural changes that produce more economic security, greater equality, and social inclusion.
  • Sustainability is not just about how to manage environmental challenges, but is increasingly seen as requiring holistic, integrated approaches to many sectors of the economy, segments of society, and diverse dimensions of environmental imbalances.
  • Making the global economy, trade, and financial systems serve people and society rather than only grow the economy may become the new mantra for managing the global economy.
In other words, we are witnessing a pivot from maximizing economic growth to reshaping the patterns of growth to achieve better social and environmental outcomes.
How much time G-20 leaders will have in Hamburg to explore these new dimensions and dynamics remains to be seen. But it is already clear within the G-20 preparatory processes among leading think tanks, business, labor, and civil society groups that the challenges now facing the global community are more interrelated, more synergistic, and more sweeping in terms of their social effects than previously realized. The rise of populist authoritarianism in response to them creates a new moment in global governance.



All together, the G20 economies account for 85% of the global economy, 80% of world trade, and two-thirds of the global population. Those simple facts underline the significant potential of the G20 as a global platform to enable international economic co-operation and policy making. The members of the G20 are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and the European Union.
The G20 is engaged in a close dialogue with other groups in order to use the ideas and recommendations of important civil society players in its discussions and negotiations.
There will be various dialogue fora where international representatives of the private sector (Business20), non-governmental organisations (Civil20), trade unions (Labour20), academia (Science20), think tanks (Think20), women (Women20) and youth (Youth20) will have a chance to present their positions and submit proposals to the G20.

W20 - WOMEN20

W20, an official G20 Engagement Group, which aims to increase women’s participation in the global economy by 100,000,000 more women, is established during the Turkish Presidency of the G20. W20 is expected  to bring resilience to the economy with the outlook of more women for the prosperity of the world and globally better results for the companies when gender inclusiveness is achieved.


The B20 outreach Group is an integral part of the G20 process, representing the entire G20 business community. The mission of the B20 is to support the G20 through consolidated representation of interests, concrete policy proposals, and expertise. The B20 promotes dialogue among policymakers, civil society, and business at the international level. In the B20, business representatives from the entire G20 develop joint recommendations and advocate specific policy-actions across the complete G20 agenda. In addition, the B20 organizes a number of events and provides a platform for exchanges with governments and other stakeholders of the G20 process. Like the G20, the B20 is a perennial process with working activities and events during the throughout the whole year.

T20 - THINK20

T20 is a network of research institutes and think tanks from the G20 countries. The T20 provides research-based policy advice to the G20, facilitates interaction among its members and the policy community, and communicates with the broader public about issues of global importance. The key features of the process are the following: The T20 develops policy recommendations within nine thematic Task Forces which are published as Policy Briefs in the first half of 2017. The T20 works in close cooperation with G20 policy makers through the Task Forces and its workshops and conferences. The T20 blog publishes analytical and opinion pieces by high-level experts on key issues ahead of the 2017 G20 Summit in Hamburg. The Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW) and the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) coordinate the T20 process during the German presidency in 2016 and 2017. T20 institutes are called upon to actively engage in the Task Forces, the workshops and conferences and through the blog. One of the key outcomes of the T20 Germany process will be the establishment of an additional  permanent web-based T20 Insight Platform that provides policy analysis to support G20 policy making.

C20 - CIVIL20

The C20’s role is to represent the views of national and international civil society at the G20. The C20 main objective is to facilitate a structured and sustained exchange of critical reflection and political perspectives amongst civil society in G20 countries and beyond on the G20 agenda. In the past there has been a strong focus on advancing reforms of the global finance architecture and other G20 priorities as well as demanding a paradigm shift in the political approach of the G20 towards globalization to a truly sustainable and inclusive development. As we see it today, globalization is incompatible with the objectives of sustainable development, and contributes to rising inequality and human rights violations worldwide. Civil society coming together under the C20 is thus urging a major overhaul of the political rules shaping economic and financial globalization to address the plight of the poorest and most disadvantaged members of society.


The annual Summit of the Heads of State and Government of the Group of Twenty (G20), comprising leading industrialised countries and emerging economies, will be held on 7 and 8 July 2017 under German Presidency. In addition to issues related to global economic growth and financial market regulation, health will be an important focus of the G20 Summit in Hamburg.
The German G20 Presidency attaches great importance to dialogue with different civil society groups. For the first time, the science and research community is included into the G20 process as “Science20”. Under the leadership of the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, the science academies of the G20 countries are developing scientific recommendations on improving global health.

L20 - LABOUR20

The Labour 20 (L20) represents the interests of workers at the G20 level. It unites trade unions from G20 countries and Global Unions. L20 Germany is facilitated by DGB - German Trade Union Confederation (Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund).

Y20 - YOUTH20

The Y20 Youth Summit are the youth events parallel summits the G20. Since 2006, the Summit brought together young leaders from the G20 countries to develop a dialogue on issues related issues of international importance . The conduct of the Summit takes place in a mirror image of the real G20, provides the same procedural rules, as well as the production of a Final Communiqué that represents the position of young people regarding the issues on the agenda of the global leaders.


Dialogue forums will be held with non-governmental organisations (Civil20), trade unions (Labour20), the scientific and research community (Science20), women (Women20), youth (Youth20), business (Business20) and think tanks (Think20).
The dialogue forums with Chancellor Merkel – an overview
• S20 Dialogue Forum with the Science and Research Community on 22 March 2017 in Halle
• W20 Dialogue Forum with Women in Business, Science and Society on 25 - 26 April 2017 in Berlin
• B20 Dialogue Forum with Business Associations on 3 May 2017 in Berlin
• L20 Dialogue Forum with Trade Union Representatives on 17 May 2017 in Berlin
• T20 Dialogue Forum with Think Tanks on 30 May 2017 in Berlin
• Y20 Youth Summit on 7 June 2017 in Berlin
• C20 Dialogue Forum with Non-Governmental Organisations on 19 June 2017 in Hamburg

Overview of the G20 specialised ministers' meetings:
• Meeting of G20 agriculture ministers on 22 January 2017 in Berlin
• Meeting of G20 foreign ministers on 16 and 17 February 2017 in Bonn
• Meeting of G20 finance ministers and central bank governors from 17 to 18 March 2017 in Baden-Baden
• Meeting of G20 ministers in charge of digitalisation on 6 and 7 April 2017 in Düsseldorf
• Meeting of G20 labour ministers on 18 and 19 May 2017 in Bad Neuenahr
• Meeting of G20 health ministers on 19 and 20 May 2017 in Berlin