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Friday, June 11, 2010

The world record book of job creation invites you to explore a right old muddle [i]as the 21st century comes of age. We who represent the human race today are connected by about a billion times more analytic power than when computers helped man race to the moon in 1960s.

This is the consequence of a doubling of computing power every 18 months over half a century. Given this extraordinary exponential dividend, why are we not yet positioned to celebrate natural and human sustainability around which over 7 billion beings can all look forward to wonderful livelihoods? The strange answer seems to be that in the wealthiest parts of hemispheres that generated the greatest advances from the industrial revolution, professional mindsets and constitutional regulations have lost the analytical goodwill and purposeful human sense and grounded structures needed so that family's savings are communally invested in better livelihoods for our children. (Beggar thy neighbour 90 day extraction.  spreadsheet by mba mindsets, is mathematically the least sustainable metric any human exchange could be spun round)

Much of this book will focus on the search for good news of where this inter-generational system error has never destroyed local service and mutual attention. Its these grassroots valoues that have also designed the most extraordinary mobile 21st C apps  - collaborative entrepreneurial revolution and open society trust has freed the opportunity to go beyond the scarcity economics of consuming up things to valuing how life-shaping knowhow, openly networked, multiplies value in use.

This book is dedicated to my father Norman Macrae who journalised Keynes' end-poverty rational optimism for much of the 20th century. Being the first journalist to celebrate students early experiments with digital learning networks was one of the great joys that enabled him to help transform a third ranked English weekly magazine into an unique global viewspaper. As Andrew Knight was said speaking at a remembrance party " Norman's abiding enemy was the conventional wisdom" . Norman saw in the internet the chnace to design the smartest open learning connections that hade ever been shared directly between human beings- in critical ways the exact opposite of what broadcasting tv had mediated. His 1984 book 2025 Report, written partly to oppose the Orwellian doomsday endgame,  timelined   exponential sustainability crises of the net generation.It included these 2 particular predictions. To the extent that they have not yet been recognised in cultural deeds, elders now need to attend to helping every millennial value them now

[i] Father Norman Macrae's first job as a teenager was navigating air planes in world war 2 over modern-day Bangladesh. His diaries are riddled with another right old muddle today: each is a story of a friend whose flight did not return. Earlier as he reached adolescence, he spent his summers in the British embassy in Moscow where his father was a consular. In that context, right old muddles journalised when friendly local staff didn't return from Stalin's purges. These are reasons why Norman sought to spend his working life as an end-poverty economist mediating a global viewspaper around questioning: when does a little sister system designs compound more open society worth and goodwill of investment valuation, than those that spin inter-generationally as too big to exist.

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